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33 professions – a single project


For a cultural institution, La Villette is active in an extremely wide range of fields, from event programming to day-to-day operations and park development.
This diversity is the result of the park’s founding project, which requires different staff profiles and expertise. The institution employs thirty-three different kinds of professionals.
Spread across the park’s 55 hectares, La Villette’s employees are key to ensuring activities, venues, events and visits run successfully.
Thanks to their enthusiasm and involvement, our employees ensure the park fulfils its missions on a daily basis in line with the principles it was founded on.

Presidency and general management

The presidency and general management team develop and pilot La Villette’s cultural and artistic action plans. They also oversee operations and development, supervising the teams that implement the institution’s mission statement. The presidency and general management team define the park’s development strategy based on recommendations by the administrative board. In addition, they represent the institution in discussions with outside organisations like the City of Paris, site operators and relevant ministers – the French Ministers of Culture and Communication and Economy and Finance.
Security staff are part of the general management team and ensure all visitors, companies and site operators can enjoy the park freely. The legal department assists and advises teams on questions related to contracts, regulations, pre-litigation and litigation.

Operations and development

The operations and development team ensures the park’s grounds and buildings are kept in optimal condition and put to good use. In particular, they carry out maintenance on fountains, paths, heating and air-conditioning systems while preserving biodiversity and encouraging environmental awareness.

Cultural programming

The cultural programming team organises events in a wide variety of artistic disciplines including performing arts, exhibitions and film. In addition, it actively supports artistic creation and transmission by hosting artist residencies.


The production team plans and implements La Villette’s programme of cultural activities. It seeks operational solutions that take into account each project’s timeframe, resources and security requirements.

Communication and audience relations

The communication and audience relations team helps promote La Villette’s activities and develop audiences. It oversees the design and implementation of accessibility and cultural outreach initiatives in connection with the outreach team. It also provides information to park users and visitors through the information and ticket office, and manages sales operations for cultural events. It coordinates media and non-media communication campaigns.

Technical team

The technical team implements the human and material resources required to successfully host exhibitions, performances and other events. It designs and pilots technical initiatives to support artistic projects. Its different roles range from developing and running performances to maintaining venues and facilities.

Administrative and financial management

The administrative and financial management team prepares the institution’s budget and oversees its implementation (given La Villette’s wide range of activities, EPPGHV has adopted a decentralised management structure with managers in different departments). It helps teams evaluate the financial aspects of different contracts awarded by the institution. It also monitors and develops concession contracts. The administrative and financial management team includes the IT department (which manages La Villette’s IT infrastructure, telephone network and related facilities), the payroll department (which makes around 7,000 payments every year), and the sales department (which promotes and hires out parts of La Villette’s grounds for filming, trade fairs, conferences and other promotional events).

Human resources

The human resources team deals with all issues relating to La Villette’s personnel. It defines and pilots the organisation of work, pay policies and training. It also manages the institution’s internal communications and services.


The accounting team implements decisions made by the institution’s management team with respect to public accounting standards.

Economic and financial auditing

The economic and financial auditing team provides advice and even arbitration services, acting as an interface between the institution and relevant ministries. The head auditor and his or her assistant analyses risks facing the institution and evaluates its performance.