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To create depth and movement, architect Bernard Tschumi developed a system of points and lines that are superimposed on the surface of the park. All 26 points are marked by follies, which are laid out at 120-metre intervals in a grid pattern.

Like the extravagant constructions of 18th-century royal parks and gardens, the bright red follies bring life to the grounds of La Villette. Forming an architectural leitmotif, they contrast with the surrounding trees and meadows. Designed to host different activities, they are all unique variations on a basic 10.8m3 cube.

>First-aid centre (N7)
>A touch of Folly (L1)
>Philharmonie 2 entrance folly (N9)
>Argonaute Submarine (P4)
>Park workshops folly (L7)
>Park workshops folly (P5)
>Belvedere folly (P6)
>Zenith ticket office folly (R6)
>Café folly (P7)
>Canal folly (N5)
>Interchange folly (R5)
>Lock folly (L3)
>Stairway folly (R4)
>Clock folly (N1)
>Information and ticket office folly (L9)
>Janvier folly (N8)
>Music kiosk folly (L4)
>Folie L2 – A la folie Paris
>Outreach folly (N6)
>Music folly (P8)
>Observatory folly (N4)
>Canal junction folly (J5)
>Theatre folly (L8)
>Wind and dune garden (L6)
>Visit folly (L5)
>Trabendo (R7)