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La Villette’s accessibility policy

One of La Villette’s key aims is to ensure that cultural activities and park grounds are accessible to the widest possible audience. To make this possible, we have developed appropriate facilities and initiatives, in addition to appointing a permanent disability resource person for the wellbeing of all visitors.

An accessible site

Getting information

The information and ticket office folly, located at the Porte de Pantin entrance, has been redesigned to provide the best possible welcome to disabled visitors. Features include :

  • An interactive touchscreen (providing information on the programme and grounds)
  • Ergonomic ticket machines
  • Suitable floor surfaces
  • A tactile 3D model
  • A counter induction loop system
  • Seats with armrests
  • An accessible information kiosk

All staff have been trained to provide the best possible welcome to visitors with specific needs.

Getting around the park

To make arrangements for your visit to the park, please call us on +33 (0)1 40 03 75 75 from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. La Villette has the following accessibility features.

  • Textured paving connects the Porte de Pantin metro station to the Grande Halle and all public reception rooms.
  • Guide dogs are authorised throughout the park.
  • Braille and large-print documents, as well as swell paper maps, are available upon request.
  • Free and accessible guided tours of exhibitions and park grounds can be booked with an outreach officer.
  • All performance and exhibition venues have facilities for mobility-impaired visitors.
    Pathways around the Zénith and the Belvedere have smooth surfaces as recommended for wheelchairs.
  • The seasonal gardens have facilities for mobility-impaired visitors including suitable ground surfaces as well as potting tables, cold frames and garden boxes specially designed for wheelchair users. A tactile model of the gardens and several tactile signs have been placed at different locations in the garden for visually impaired visitors.
  • One workshop venue is equipped with an induction loop system.

Please note: the lifts on the Canal de l’Ourcq footbridges are currently undergoing maintenance.

Parking for mobility-impaired visitors

A car park is reserved for mobility-impaired visitors. To book a parking space, please contact us at least 24 hours before your visit. Please call us on +33 (0)1 40 03 75 75.

The information and ticket office folly and the seasonal gardens have both been awarded the Tourism and Handicap Label for hearing, mental, mobility and visual impairments.

An accessible cultural programme

We give groups the opportunity to attend several performances, discuss themes and build on these experiences through participation-oriented workshops. The Villette workshops – especially gardening workshops – can be tailored to suit all kinds of disabilities.

Visually impaired visitors Visually impaired visitors

  • Braille and large-print documents and maps are available for blind or visually impaired visitors upon request. The website conforms to the AA standard of accessibility.

Tailored Villette workshops

  • Given their subject matter, some workshops are accessible to visually impaired visitors.
  • Other artistic workshops or workshop cycles based on the programme may also be suitable, for example Villette en Pistes !


  • L’Énigme du tapis persan (the Persian rug mystery) was a workshop adapted for visually impaired visitors thanks to the Valentin Haüy Association and Voir Ensemble – ESAT Renaissance. Rug designs were printed onto swell paper, and large wooden needles were used to weave the threads. Children could rest their looms on small lecterns to concentrate on their work.

Programmed events

  • Cinéma en Plein Air, the outdoor film festival, features audio-described films. Blind and visually impaired viewers are given headsets and receivers, as well as braille or large-print programmes. All foreign films are screened in their original language with subtitles.
  • - La Villette has a partnership with the Souffleurs d’Images, a group of drama students from the CRTH theatre who accompany blind or visually impaired visitors to performances and exhibitions and describe what is happening on stage or during visits. Contact the CRTH to discuss your needs.
    Tel : 01 42 74 17 87 or e-mail :

Contact us

Nicolas Wagner
Telephone: +33 (0)1 40 03 75 17
Bookings for community groups
Telephone: +33 (0)1 40 03 74 82

 Deaf and hearing-impaired visitors Deaf and hearing-impaired visitors

  • Given their subject matter, some workshops are accessible to deaf or hearing-impaired children.
  • Our staff member Julie Langlet is fluent in French sign language. Do not hesitate to contact her. Tel: +33 (0)6 25 93 81 51 or email:

PMR Mobility-impaired visitors

  • The seasonal gardens have raised plots and potting tables allowing wheelchair-users to garden. Two gardening workshops are also suitable for mobility-impaired visitors: Les Carrés de recettes (recipe corner) and Jardinons, c’est de saison (it’s the season for gardening).
  • All Villette workshops, including artistic workshops (in the fields of dance, hip hop or circus) can be adapted for mobility-impaired visitors.

Mentally and psychologically disabled visitors Mentally and psychologically disabled visitors

  • The Le Jardin des 5 sens (gardening with all five senses) workshop has been specially designed for these visitors, and allows them to discover the garden using their senses.

Visitors who tire easily or visitors with physical or cognitive dependency

  • The workshop Soigne ton jardin (look after your garden) takes into account these visitors’ requirements during gardening activities. Please contact us for personalised workshops.