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The Grand Paris Month of Photography

From 29 March to 3 September 2017
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From March 29th to September 3rd

Following the Grand Paris Month of Photography, all audiences will have the opportunity to discover the work of African photographers scattered among the seasonal gardens.

The exhibition

Akinbode Akinbiyi - Nigeria

Cities 2005-2008 • Photographs
Akinbode Akinbiyi is one of the most acclaimed contemporary African photographers. His areas of focus combine architecture, cultural phenomenon and news covering. His work essentially questions metropolitan cities in Africa and their rapid expansion. «My work is an attempt to understand cities and urban life today. Through the years, I realized I was digging through my childhood (...) each time I witnessed one of those moments again I captured the picture immediately. »

Mimi Cherono Ng’ok - Kenya

Untitled 2014 • Photographs
Courtesy Tiwani Contemporary, Londres
Born in 1983, Mimi Cherono Ng’ok is a Kenyan photographer. She moved to South Africa 9 years after the apartheid at the age of 19. Contemplating her time in South Africa, she came to realize the emotions that come from a place we inhabit and the ways we relate an intimate experience to a space. Her works consists mainly in the collection of encountered space fragments by documenting everyday life and familiarities.

Franck Abd-Bakar Fanny - Côte d’Ivoire

MNABTYD Untitled Photographs
Born in 1970, Abidjan, Ivory Coast. This series of photographs is part of a larger corpus. They showcase nocturnal views in three North American cities: Belleville, New Jersey, Cambridge, Massachussetts and Montreal, Quebec. Stemming from extensive nocturnal wanderings, those pictures capture the stroller’s gaze whose body is absent. A loss of senses is suggested by a strange atmosphere, characterized by insomnia and crossed time zones following long hours flying between the Ivory Coast, France, Hong-Kong and the United States.

Délio Jasse - Angola

Serie Pontus 2012
Karima: A Day in the Life of a Henna Girl Vidéo
Born in 1980, in Luanda, Angola. His artwork focuses on themes like memory and the colonial context. The traditional procedures used by Delio Jasse give an organic touch to his artwork, shattering the replicability of the photographic medium. His work build ties among generations and cultures, combining found footage with his own photographs to explore memory.

Mouna Karray - Tunisie

The Storyteller 2012 • Video Installation • 12’
© ADAGP Paris 2017
Born in 1970, Mouna Karray works between Paris and Sfax, Tunisia. She explored the south-east region, its dry and forgotten soil, silent poverty and mineral treasures. Through her personal struggle, encounters and wanderings, Mouna Karray displayed a form of modern resistance, fighting for the freedom and the rediscovery of the African continent that’s long been spoiled and neglected.

Kiluanji Kia Henda - Angola

The Merchant of Venice, The Great Italian Nude 2010
Kiluanji Kia Henda was born in Angola in 1979; he lives and works between Lisbon and Luanda. A self-taught artist, Kia Henda was inspired by the work of South African photographer John Liebenberg who covered the apartheid in South Africa and the civil war in Angola. Through his multimedia artwork, he questions Angola’s colonial past and the African continent in a manner that’s both humorous and ironic, deconstructing notions of identity, politics and modernity.

Ala Kheir - Soudan

Revisiting Khartoum 2015 • Photographs
Born in 1985 in Nyala, South East Sudan. His photography covers a large variety of styles and subjects, yet focuses on specific subjects. In the 90s, Khartoum was a vibrant city. 20 years later, Ala Kheir starts to take photos; coming back to those places that were once full of energy, he takes a closer look at his childhood and his past following two harsh decades.

Mario Macilau - Mozambique

Serie Growing in Darkness 2012-2015
Mario Macilauw was born in Mozambique in 1984. At the age of 10, he started working in a small market, helping people carry their groceries and cleaning cars in a parking lot to support his parents. The young man started his career as a photographer in 2003 and turned professional by trading his grandmother’s phone for a camera in 2007. He specializes in long-term projects that deal with the environment and living conditions affecting underprivileged social groups.

Zwelethu Mthethwa - Afrique du Sud

Untitled (Brave Ones Series) 2011 • Video 9’ 11’’
Inkunzi Emnyama 2009 • Photography • Diptych, archival ink on cotton rag paper
Courtesy of Stevenson, Cape Town et Johannesburg
Born in Swaziland in 1982, Mthethwa’s interest in cows, their skin and corrida art led her to Paso Doble, a theatrical dance inspired by the corrida tragedy. The music used for the dance is the same as the one that’s played when the matador enters the arena and right before the death scene. Related to Flamenco, Paso Doble is both arrogant and passionate.

Aida Muluneh - Éthiopie

Memories in Development 2017 • Photographs, triptyque • Production 2017
Born in Ethiopia in 1974, Aida Muluneh left the country at a young age and led a nomadic childhood. His most recent work plays with the notion of memory, reinventing contemporary rites through made-up characters. Memories in Development is both a metaphor for the African continent and an ironic reference to the notion of developing country.

Uche Okpa Iroha - Nigeria

Being A Corleone 2012 • Turning Point 2012 • Between Love And Hate 2012 • A Room For A Favour2012
Uche Okpa-Iroha was born in 1872 in Enugu, Nigeria. Throughout this series, he positions himself within the picture’s frame, following reconstruction and rebuilding strategies. He gets involved in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 film The Godfather by isolating and reconstructing images taken from the film. Following a procedure of digital reconstruction, he diverts the meaning of a classic holywoodian film by adding a black man among the familiar Italian American gangs.

Alexis Peskine - France

Le Radeau de la Méduse 2016 • Vidéo installation • Video 5' 21''
Sans titre 2017 • Acupeinture • Production 2017
Born in Paris in 1979. Le Radeau de la Méduse is a collection of works, inspired by Géricault’s painting. The painting displays a story: men and women at the verge of life and death standing on an improvised raft. Themes such as violence, fantasy, weakness and strength, hope and fate, are all apparent in Peskine’s artwork.

Guy Tillim - Afrique du Sud

Addis Ababa 2015 • Photographs
Courtesy of Stevenson, Cape Town et Johannesbourg
Guy Tillim was born in South Africa in 1962. For this exhibition, he presents a series of photographs taken from two recent series in Addis Ababa and Johannesburg. « I couldn’t manage to see everything and be everywhere. I realized that in order to suggest something real, where I was didn’t really matter, but I had to let my perception shine through the place rather than attempt to define each piece of the puzzle.”

Andrew Tshabangu - Afrique du Sud

Serie City in Transition 2004
Courtesy Galerie MOMO, Johannesburg et Cape Town
Andrew Tshabangu is a South African photographer, born in 1966 in Soweto. His work has been displayed internationally and Tshabangu is known for his surrealist lightings describing rites among urban African black communities. He’s unconditionally fascinated by the city in which he lives and spends time wandering in the streets capturing private moments. Invisible to his subjects, he recounts everyday workers’ stories in this series. In downtown Johannesburg, he aims to capture the fluid movement that characterizes the town’s permanent changes through the years.

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