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Open Air Cinema

Saturday 22 July 2017
  • Gratuit

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Deckchairs rental from 7.30pm in the secure area

  • 5 Deckchairs: 20 €
  • Full Fee: 7 €
  • Subscribers / Cardholders: FREE

Subscription/ / Carte Villette - More info


Access Porte de Pantin :
Metro : Line 5
Bus : Line 75,151
Tram : Lige T3b
Parking Nord "Cité des Sciences" - PML please call 01 40 03 75 75


Saturday, July 22nd

Screening starts at 10.30pm

Screening of the 1st season of Lastman, series by Bastien Vivès, Balak, Mickaël Sanlaville et Jérémie Périn


3pm: Opening of the “Folie Douce”: Lastfight game and picture.
7pm: Meeting with the creators Bastien Vivès, Mickaël Sanlaville and Jérémie Périn.
8pm: Signing session
10.30pm: Screening of the 1st season

The Series

Step into Lastman’s universe, the acclaimed video game, cartoon and comic book!
Since 2016, Lastman has gained popularity as Jérémie Perin’s animated series for adults. Be prepared for this interesting mixture of spaghetti western, action film and thriller!

Nota Bene

For security reasons, the « prairie du triangle » will be evacuated from 6 to 7pm during screenings.
Metal cutlery and corkscrews are forbidden.
Glasses and glass bottles are permitted. All forbidden objects will be consigned.

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