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Malte Martin

"De Passage"

Wednesday 12 July 2017
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De Passage is an artwork imagined by Malte Martin/Agrafmobile and the co-op Les Arts Codés as part of the Urban Strategy project implemented in 2014 under the participatory budget of the City of Paris. Located in the park de la Villette along the banks of the Canal de l’Ourcq, under the inner ring road, this connected artwork echoes the rehabilitation of the staircase leading to the boulevard Sérurier in 2014.

Urban Recovery Strategy

Artwork : De Passage
Artists: Les Arts Codés et Malte Martin / Agrafmobile
« De Passage » is an artistic installation, winner of the 2014 Participative Budget of the City of Paris, registered as part of the global project known as “Reconquête Urbaine” (Urban recovery strategy), that embodies the connection between Paris and the City of Pantin. This bright artwork opens up a third side that’s materialized by the plan view. It’s an invitation to look up and let us guided by a constellation of luminous signs, telling the story of this place as we walk across the space.
The arch lights up as cyclists, pedestrians, barges pass by and creates sequences of these flows on-the-spot. In the absence of crossings, the installation creates its own movements, waves flowing on the arch’s surface. Passengers can also become the conductors of this luminous organ at two separate points signaled by a star on the floor. Rays of light, passing from one side of the bank to the other will appear at the sign of any arm gesture.

Malte Martin

Malte Martin is a designer and a plastician who created along with Agrafmobile an innovative laboratory to invest in urban space and everyday territories.
“My desire is to recreate a public space through this visual theater that would offer more to see and to read than commercial messages and administrative signs. In other words, it’s an attempt to recover public space as a creative space that belongs to its inhabitants.”

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  • Les Arts Codés

    Les Arts Codés is a city factory based in Pantin since 2015 that aims to support its territory and residents. Influenced by the Arts&Crafts movement, it gathers designers, engineers and craftsmen who make sure the creative experience flourishes during the current digital era. Their goal? Intersecting skills to experiment, conceive and share new relations combining creativity and digital manufacture.