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Jardins en folies

Du 1 au 2 June 2019
  • Gratuit

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Access Porte de Pantin :
Metro : Ligne 5
Bus : Ligne 75,151
Tram : Ligne T3b
Car Park "Cité des Sciences" - PML please call 01 40 03 75 75


May 20th and 21st
Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 8pm

A new spring event, Jardins en Folies showcases La Villette’s gardens. All “follies” aside, it’s wonderfully participative. For this second edition devoted to animals, you can enjoy strolling through the park, and zigzag from one theme garden to another.

The festival

We can’t say it often enough, La Villette’s grounds offer twelve theme gardens laid out by Bernard Tschumi at the inception of the institution: trellis garden, bamboo garden, mirror garden, temporary garden, and the list goes on. Each has its ecosystem that bonds ancestral methods with innovation and experimentation. Honey and wine are actually produced here. There are tomato bushes, flowers, and fruit trees. You can admire the profusion of plants all through the year.

On weekends, the animal theme is popular and the gardens reveal strange creatures. Music plays in bucolic settings. Kites are made and flown. Fun animal-face makeup is available, then you can go join the carnival and dance with your family at the closing grand ball. These are but a few examples that are certain to make this weekend a weekend of delights for the five senses, enjoyment, sharing, and conviviality.