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Romeo Castellucci

Le Metope del Partenone

From 23 to 29 November 2015
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Grande halle

Access Porte de La Villette :

Metro : Ligne 7
Bus : Ligne 139, 150, 152
Tram : Ligne T3b

Car Park "Cité des Sciences" (PML please call 01 40 03 75 75)


November 23rd to 29th, 2015
Except Wednesday, November 25th

Monday to Saturday at 1pm and 7pm
Sunday at 1pm and 6pm

Length : 1h15

From 16 and above
Standing up

In partnership with Festival d’Automne, La Villette presents the latest work by the Italuan director Romeo Castellucci : Le Metope del Partenone (the Parthenon Friezes).

The show

According to Romeo Castellucci, the Parthenon Friezes (Le Metope del Partenone) represent “battles for life”. In composing his own “stage friezes”, the Italian director situates the piece in the context of an appalling accident which has plunged its victim into a life and death situation. Only the speed and efficiency of the aid on hand can shift the balance between successful outcome and dire consequences.

Six accidents follow on from each other, six states of pain, and six possible friezes. The fictional element of each accident, in which the victim is played an actor, will be countered by authentic medical teams. Thus, members of the audience, who have come to watch a show, quickly find themselves in the position of gaping onlookers, their curiosity aroused by a bit of blood and guts.

Each accident will be punctuated by the on-screen projection of a series of riddles, like the enigmatic phrases we encountered in Go Down, Moses. The effect on the spectators will be that of making them hover between the sensation of the horrors they have just witnessed and the intellectual demands of decrypting what they cannot not read. So the question is, who matters most hot or cold?