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26 000 couverts

Open Rehearsal

From 30 May to 9 June 2016
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Grande halle

Access Porte de Pantin :

Métro :  Ligne 5
Bus : Ligne 75,151
Tram : Ligne T3b

Parking Nord "Cité des Sciences" - PMR contactez le 01 40 03 75 75


From 30 May to 9 June 2016

La Villette will welcome the latest creation of the biggest street theater company, 26 000 Couverts. The title? Mulling this over, and since you’ve raise the question, we shall have to come up with something snappier than La Répétition Publique (open rehearsal).

The show

Welcome to the backstage area of the 26 000 Couverts theater company. In their first show, Ideal Club, the director was quickly overwhelmed by the events in La Répétition Publique, and quite simply resigned – threw the towel in. This, in turn, threw the whole shebang into disarray, freed it from conventions. Neither text nor music got finished; accessories got lost; actors made off... IT was an open door that went out the window!

This is a whacky universe where anything is possible! Including the ghostly apparition of the stage manager who never managed to report his required 507 hours of stage work before croaking. And so, on this joyous occasion, the troupe celebrates “the ludicrous absurdity of death” – a play that brilliantly weaves the macabre into the burlesque.

The Company

Created in the mid-1990s by Philippe Nicolle and Pascal Rome, 26 000 Couverts first started performing at the festivals of Chalon dans la Rue and Aurillac, where it gave its first performances ever of Les Petites Commissions (1995). Besides its travelling shows, the company worked with the Franco-German television channel, Arte, in 1998, on adapting Direct ! – a participative show all about the shooting of a TV pirate TV show. In 2003, Philippe Nicolle and Fred Toush stood up for actors' rights with their first "manif de droite" (right-wing protest march). In 2004, the nomadic company settled in Dijon to open their own creative space, and named it the "Caserne des 26 000" (the 26,000 fire station). La Villette welcomes the company to its residency program, to perform their lastest show. They are receiving the support of several national theaters and will tour France with their show.

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